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Hallstrom Motorsports is a top late model race team out of Northfield, Vermont owned by Louis and Lisa Hallstrom. The team currently fields winning race cars in the ACT Tour and PASS Series. Evan Hallstrom is the latest driver to lead up the team’s driver development program in the late model division around tracks in New England.

Our story:

Louis and Lisa both came from racing families, growing up at the racetrack every weekend watching their respected uncle’s race at Thunder Road Raceway Park. Both were avid racing fans, meeting through Lisa’s uncle, Clem Despault, who won many track championships throughout his years in racing. The two went on their first date in June of 1985 and have been inseparable ever since.

Louis has been working on racecars since before he was aloud in the pit area at the track on Saturday nights. He would be at the track standing at the pit gate watching the work being done in the pits as well as watching his uncle, Norm Andrews, compete on the track.

Lisa got a look at both sides of the sport, as her aunt Donna Despault was a scorer at Thunder Road. As Louis and Lisa spent more and more weekends together at the track, they grew closer and closer together, driven by their love for the sport of auto racing. The two had many great memories from all the time at the track and the race shop. Louie would pour himself into his work as a crew member. More often than not Lisa and Louis were at the race shop every night they were not at the track. Louie took great pride in his cars not having mechanical failures.

The two enjoyed snowmobiling in their spare time and even catching a snowmobile race when it worked out. During the summer is was four-wheeling and camping together when they had the time away from the race track. Louis and Lisa were married on April 8th of 1995. For their honeymoon, where else would they go, but to a NASCAR race at Dover International Raceway.

The couple have two sons, Wil and Evan. Both very different from each other, Evan is all about the racing since he was very little, even working as a car chief on the family owned #1 late model at the age of 12. Evan has been soaking up as much racing knowledge as he can over the years crewing on the race car as the family has been fielding competitive late models since Evan was born. Evan knew he wanted to race himself and the focus has been on getting him prepared to site behind the wheel. His older brother, Wil Hallstrom has been focused on college and the community – having been very honored in the Boy Scouts as well as a gifted honor student.

From the car perspective, last season Louis built a brand-new Jeff Taylor car – the first brand-new car for our team. Louie’s side of racing is that of crew chief. Lisa’s side of the race team is the marketing and business side. Each year they have been able to increase the number of marketing partners they have and have reached the level where they’ve built some good relationships with their partners and have just begun a relationship with others. The two also have established a relationship with a charity, Camp Takumta, which they will be working with to promote them as well as raise funds for them to allow children with cancer the opportunity to attend camp just as any other child would.

The focus for this team is to race competitively with their drivers and win races. They also would like to develop more new marketing partners this season as well as raise awareness and funding for Camp Takumta. Louis and Lisa also run a successful excavation business, Hallstrom Excavating. The two would like to become a positive force in New England motorsports, and eventually run a full time motorsports development business for both drivers and marketing partners.

The main goal for the team is the driver development program to coach and grow promising young race car drivers out of New England. Their son, Evan Hallstrom, has been working hard to earn a spot behind the wheel of the #1 Hallstrom Motorsports late model, and in 2017 he has been testing and preparing for his late model debut. In 2016 the Hallstrom’s successfully brought in and coached a promising development driver, Devin O’Connell – and together they earned the 2016 American Canadian Tour Rookie of the Year title with O’Connell behind the wheel of their #1 late model.


Our mission at Hallstrom Motorsports is to continue to build a strong and competitive Late Model team with winning drivers, championship caliber equipment, dedicated people and positive attitude.

We are committed to treating our marketing partners as part of our team; and will work together with these companies in an effort to build long-term successful partnerships.

It is also our mission to be available at all times for the fans, support the sport in its entirety; and to promote and represent our team and marketing partners with the utmost professionalism, on and off track.